Thank you for taking the time to visit the home page of Caggiano Entertainment.  Tony Caggiano is a native New Jersey Entertainer who has performed for large corporate vendors, private events and in the club scene for years.  His work ethic, dependability, consummate professionalism and unique shows have helped him to create a network of some of the most notable artists and clients in the industry.  Tony has earned a reputation for being able to deliver even in a pinch for your event.  Whether it is a band, a DJ, a soloist, an acoustic ensemble or even a substitute musician for your event, Tony guarantees a customized service that is tailored to your specific needs.  Unlike many of his competitors, Tony is available to you through every step of the booking process with a very personalized, and hands-on approach.  Tony is a licensed booking agent in the state of New Jersey (License Number 1890600).  He looks forward to working with you.  Contact him today for a free estimate. 

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Click picture for all events

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Click here to see us on The Knot

Tony's upcoming events


1-John Monnecka @ The The Office in Montclair 9pm

1-1st impression @ Novita Bistro 7pm

2-Brother Jerome @ steel Pier in AC8 pm

7-Donna Ward Duo @ Novita Bistro in Metuchen 7pm

7-Mychal Kelly @ Element in Harrison, NJ 7pm

7-Robert Matarazzo @ Hops in Morristown 9:30pm

8-The Full 9 @ Cypress Tavern in Kinnelon 8:30pm

8-Rick Winow @ Novita Bistro in Metuchen 7pm

14-Garrett Gardner @ Element in harrison 7pm

14- Bobby Syvarth @ Hops in Morristown 9:30pm

14-Matt Troyano @ Ah Pizz Harrison 8pm

15-Natasha Wright duo @ Novita bistro in Metuchen 7pm

15- Corey Pensa @ Chelas Little Falls 8:30p

21-Acoustic @ Novita Bistro in Metuchen 7pm

21-Mike Maino @ Element in Harrison 7pm

22-Bobby Syvarth @ Novita Bistro in Metuchen 7pm

22-Matt Troyano private event Mt Laurel 10pm

28-Matt Troyano @ Novita Bistro in Metuchen 7pm

29-MIchaela McClain @ Novita Bistro in Metuchen

29-Garrett Gardner @ Hops in Morristown 9:30pm